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Emir Haziq brings us into the nightime landscape

of Singapore's suburban neighbourhoods.



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Inspired by urban spaces and architecture, Australian photographer, James Sarantos who is now based in Berlin has been photographing the underbellies of subway stations for the past couple of year. Aptly titled 'Our Babylon' this photographic project captures the gritty yet alluring landscapes of the various underground metro stations he had visited.

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Raw, Intimate and Unfiltered. Lily Zoumpouli’s works are all three of these words and even more. Her latest project, ‘Lost Transmission’ consists of photographs from when she was 15 years old up until now, a 10 year project that is still going strong. With photographs of friends who comes and goes into her life, Zoumpouli’s works often straddles around the theme of human connection and self documentation, something she holds closely as both a photographer and an individual.

Lost Transmission by

Lily Zoumpouli

River by Lithuanian photographer,Agnė Rita is a documentation of an eleven-day solo walk following the river Thames from London to its source in Gloucestershire. The work consists of 6x6 film photographs in juxtaposition with the diaristic text to reflect on the themes of alienation and belonging.


Noam Friedman is a documentary photographer with a focus on traditional analogue processes. Her photographic project titled, Black Women Rising - The Untold Cancer Stories was UK's first all-black female cancer portrait exhibition


Deriving inspirations and influences from the likes of Hayao Miyazaki, Leslie Zhange and Wong Kar Wai, graphic designer and photographer Fion Koh portraitures brings you into a world of magical delight.