Julien Sage

Baby It's Heatwave,  2019


Baby, It’s A Heatwave is a love letter to the Angelino summer and it’s dazzling heat. The active motifs within the project revolves around the notions of freedom, celebration, the interaction between the artificial and the actual, and the melancholy of dying light. 


44 Pages, 6x9 inches, 

Full Colour, Semi Gloss

Perfect Bind

Editions of 30


Julien Sage - Baby It's Heatwave

  • Julien Sage is a twenty one year old photographer currently living and working in Los Angeles. Julien has been photographing LA's growing music scene since early 2012 but has recently changed focus and is now working in a social documentary mode, photographing the people and environments that are provided to him. Before moving back to Los Angeles, Julien spent two years in the Oakland CA, where he studied photography at California College of The Arts. Taking great inspiration from both Nan Goldin and Stephen Shore, Julien's work functions as a curious dissection of the anxiety of youth as well as the pleasures it may hold.