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DPRK is a continuation of ‘Everyday Iran’, an archived series of photographs first published by Your Local Newsstand. In this series, Aditia Djayasudarma examines lives through the lens of a visiting foreigner in the ‘Last Iron Curtain’, captured from his solitary travels in off-beaten borders.


Shot entirely using an iPhone 4 in the blistering cold winter of 2014, enduring an arduous 28hrs journey via railway from Beijing to Pyongyang, these images went through numerous checkpoints and vetted through by guards of the state. Many were deleted due to sensitivity but these images survived that narrative.


SGD $25

24 Pages

Full Colour

No Binding

Hand Numbered

Digital print on 80gsm salmon paper

Limited edition of 50 copies


Book Design: Aditia Djayasudarma

Printed in United Kingdom

#Your Local Newsstand 13

Aditia Djaysudarma - DPRK