Updated: Jun 5, 2020


Ram Kumar, a daily wage labourer enjoying a movie. Moti Talkies is often a refuge for refuge socio-economically weak section of migrant labourers and is the only theatre in Old Delhi to which shows regional Bhojpuri movies that this working class diaspora speaks.

Sunil, the longtime projector operator has been working at Moti Talkies for the last 40

years. He has seen the theatre transition from film to digital and from a popular

theatre playing mainstream bollywood movies to now playing only regional Bhojpuri films for daily wage workers.

With ticket prices starting at 50cents, these migrant labourers could finally watch a movie in their own language. They could finally escape the reality of their drab surroundings.

Moti became a connection to home for the increasing diaspora of migrant workers coming to Old Delhi in search of work.

Upkeep and maintenance of the theatre has taken a big hit as due to low attendance in

the theatre leaving them low on funds for repairs

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