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Not to live in regret but to learn from mistakes: Nik Voon

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We had Michelle Racho, one of the suits to join us in 2020, do a full-face of make-up only to cover most of her face with a handmade batik mask. We digitally removed Racho’s brows in post, a move in which Felicia, my wonderful work wife and stylist for this shoot, called “bizarre but necessary for the Mona Lisa look”. The background for this image was shot in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, right at the very top of a lookout tower.

We initially used flavoured popsicles in place of a cigar, but they could not stay frozen and melted all over the studio. Jason, one of our talented creatives, ended up eating some of the popsicles as well, so we replaced them with a ceramic spoon. To transform Jason into Van Gogh, we covered Jason’s head with faux fur, which was recycled from our colleague’s halloween costume. Jason was then ‘bandaged’ with a disposable mask and toilet paper. The highlight of this photo, for me, would be the ‘smoke’ that Felicia pinned onto the background.

Pink Dot x GS - GOODSTUPH has been a proud sponsor of Pink Dot, and has been creating merchandise to sell and raise funds for Pink Dot for the past couple of years. For our 2019 merchandise shoot, I decided to introduce pink gloved hands that matched the symbolism on both the T-shirt and posters we created. Then in 2020, we went full-on rainbow and disco for the shoot that featured our collaborative drinks with GUDSHT.

CHOTA x GS - Traditionally, GOODSTUPH releases a limited edition uniform for her clients and partners once a year. In this collaboration with Chota Collective, we celebrated the essence of the Agency's appetite for good work in a visual representation the Public understands.

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