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The tied posts were in the Agafay desert. They appeared to me as a nice reference to friendship that could be used for the series, and I was blessed with a beautiful light at the same moment.

The fruits is a setup I arranged, obviously. I borrowed a lovely table cloth that reminded me of one from Hamza’s home in France. I picked some fruits from the kitchen and shot the whole just outside.

Incredibly enough, when I revealed this work to Hamza, he was positive he had also met this man, when working in that village for an NGO a few years ago. I had no clue when I asked the man for a portrait, of course. Also, after the man kindly agreed he introduced me to a very young kid, named… Hamza.

This truck was driving in the opposite direction when I saw it approach with that sticker. I threw my hand at my camera next to me, and took the picture while driving. It was like a sign I was sent, fortunately I was quick so it became a picture for the diary.

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