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For this series, I was trying to imitate the vibes of Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai’s work. I love his atmospheric films about memory, longing, and the passage of time. I then found a Chinese-owned aquarium pet shop in downtown Manhattan, which resembles some of the scenes in his film and contacted Julia for this photoshoot.

Funny thing about this, I was initially only supposed to take photos of the Asian model. To spice things up, I ended up inviting the makeup artist to join the shoot, so he quickly drew some red lines on his face and took off his clothes. It was his first time modelling and I’m so glad it turned out well.

This was actually my second photoshoot. I was unsure of my photography skills at that time, so I bought a lot of fruits just in case I ran out of ideas. I carried a huge watermelon all the way to the location, and I knew that I needed to use it so my efforts weren’t wasted. I then asked the model to stand in front of the tree trunk and took this photo. When I was editing the photo, I noticed how the different textures added depth in this picture - the tree trunk, jacket, and grass makes the colour of the watermelon pop out. It was a happy coincidence.

Katelyn is my best friend in New York. We met on Instagram for a collab, and we’ve been hanging out with each other ever since. We then planned a photoshoot together for fun. We brainstormed ideas, heard each other out and experimented with different things. It was probably my most relaxed photoshoot and it gave me space to breathe and grow.

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