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Portrait of Lena.

⁠"I made a cover up tattoo on my finger with a black square.⁠ Before that there was a moon in that direction like in Islam.⁠ When I was traveling from Ukraine to Russia they ⁠ did not want to let me in because they thought that I was going to fight for ISIL."

Lena @malinina_alena_27⁠

St. Petersburg, Russia⁠

Tattoo on the arm: ‘I dreamed - that the world is ruled by a dream’.

I did this intimate shoot for artist, Masha Somik. @mashasomik⁠ .⁠ The photoshoot was very personal. Masha asked to do it in order to look at herself from the outside and love her body.⁠ This was a very important step in trusting me as a photographer because at the time of shooting we saw each other for the first or second time.

Moscow, Russia⁠

Portrait of Dasha

Dasha @dariavikhreva is a model and an incredible lover of French bulldogs, as she said.⁠ ⁠ We met when I was in St. Petersburg in a Chinese eatery. We drank Chinese vodka and the next day went to shoot this portraiture.⁠

St. Petersburg, Russia⁠

Porrtrait of Elene. ⁠

⁠Last year I went to Georgia during winter but stayed there for half a year. Elene was the first person I photographed there. I met her in the Drama Bar where she worked there as a bartender. @mtvare.s⁠


Anya: Why did you agree to this photoshoot?⁠

Elene: You liked my kimono and asked to photograph me in this kimono. That was the first thing that got me interested. ⁠

Tbilisi, Georgia⁠


Facetime Photoshoot

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