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In our effort to support new and emerging photographers, we started the ARTISTE ZINE series in 2018.


The ARTISTE ZINE is a collection of individual photography zines made in collaboration with selected photographers from our yearly open call submissions. 

This year, 3 interesting and compelling projects were selected.

As an independent publisher, funding is always tricky business. This year, we launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help find fundings to publish zines from 2019's ARTISTE ZINE. 

The 3 ARTISTE ZINE we are producing this year are:

  • 5651KM Around the Iberian Coast Lines by Giovanni Riccó

  • Give The Devil His Due by Louis Leeson 

  • Baby, It's A Heatwave by Julien Sage

Help us by either pledging to the Kickstarter Campaign or sharing it with your family and friends.

01. 5651KM Around the Iberian Peninsula by Giovanni Riccó

In the summer of 2018, Italian photographer Giovanni Riccó travelled for a total of 5651 Km Around the Iberian Peninsula in a converted van. Located in the Southwest corner of Europe and stretching more than 500km2, the Iberian Peninsula is a mountainous region and is divided into Spain, Portugal, Andorra and the British Crown colony, Gibraltar. Like all peninsulas, the Iberian Peninsula is surrounded by water on all of its side.


Over the many centuries, the Iberian Peninsula has been colonised by the Roman Empire, the Islamic Berber and the Arabic Moors and yet despite their cultural dispositions, size and location, the coastal towns all share an immense natural beauty and a deep connection with water. This connection can be seen in industries such as fishing, agriculture, and tourism which all thrive in summertime.

Giovanni Ricco 

was born and raised

in Vignola, Italy.


Currently based in Valencia, Spain, his photographs intend to capture the diverse cultures, landscapes and people he meets on the street. 

Moving Journals:

Giovanni Riccó

The Volkswagen

In this series of Moving Journals, we had a chat with Giovanni Riccó on the 

Volkswagen he got for his 

summer long journey and his personal experiences travelling and driving around the Iberian Peninsula.

02. Give The Devil His Due by Louis Leeson

Give the Devil His Due is a series of portraits of Yahya Jammeh loyalists and a reportage of a campaign to keep alive his legacy by people who claim that his eccentric, autocratic leadership made their country stronger and more prosperous.

The former strongman and solider, Yahya Jammeh came to power through military coup in 1994 and remained in power until 2017, when he was defeated democratically by a popular movement of young Gambians who wanted change headed by Adama Barrow, the current President. His two decades of rule were marked by intimidation of political opposition, oppression of LGBT+ communities, killings and disappearances of rivals, endemic corruption, and a bizarre personality cult that lead loyalists to claim Jammeh could read minds, cure HIV, and even fly.

Louis Leeson is a reportage photojournalist with a background in documentary film. Louis works in the UK and internationally for feature film, editorial, and humanitarian organisations. He shoots long-term investigative projects and has covered the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, FGM in The Gambia, and the refugee crisis engulfing Europe and the Middle East.

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Moving Journals:

Louis Leeson

On ground in The Gambia

In this series of Moving Journals, we spoke to him on his personal experiences on ground in The Gambia and the people he met during this year long experience.

03. Baby, It's A Heatwave by Julien Sage

Baby, It’s A Heatwave is a love letter to the Angelino summer and it’s dazzling heat. The active motifs within the project revolves around the notions of freedom, celebration, the interaction between the artificial and the actual, and the melancholy of dying light. 


The zine also includes a poetry written by the photographer himself.

Julien Sage is a twenty one year old photographer currently living and working in Los Angeles.


Taking great inspiration from both Nan Goldin and Stephen Shore, Julien's work functions as a curious dissection of the anxiety of youth as well as the pleasures it may hold.

Moving Journals:

Julien Sage and his Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

The hardest part about independent publishing is raising the money.

We need help to cover the production cost of the latest batch of the ARTISTE ZINEs. 

I hope, together with your kind support and generousity, we'll be able to fund the latest series of this year's ARTISTE ZINE, comprising of 3 personal and compelling stories.

Long live zines!

Much Love, Huda Azzis

Founder //  Your Local Newsstand 

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