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What and who is Your Local Newsstand?

A publisher specialising in producing limited edition photography zines. YLN is run by

Huda Azzis who in 2017 started it as her passion project and continues to do so till today.

What started as collecting black and white xerox printed photo zines soon morphed into Your Local Newsstand. Although our primary focus is photo zines, our other publications do include a variety of self published materials that is not only limited to photography.

Where does YLN get funding?

Our publications and projects are all independently funded, though some are funded through sales of previous publications.

What kind of photography do you publish?

We gravitate towards documentary or contemporary style of photography and strongly work towards publishing materials that's a reflection of our current society. 

How do I submit my projects to be featured on your Blog/Instagram?

We accept submissions via email. Please do not send submissions via third party links (Wetransfer, Hightail) as most of the time we won't be able to download them in time. 


Unfortunately, as YLN is run by one person and we get quite a bit of submissions, we can only respond to projects that we are excited about. We are really sorry about that.

Email your submissions to



What if I want to make a photo zine with you?

At this moment, we only publish photo zine via Open Calls. Our Open Calls varies each year. Some years, we will be looking for projects for a solo photo zine. At other times, we will run an Open Call for a group or community zine. We are a small publishing group and so are unable to publish zines as frequently as we would like. Do keep a lookout on our Instagram for Open Call updates.



How many zines do you publish a year?

One zine a year. Sometimes 2 or 3. It really depends. 


I just made a zine and would like to share them with you, can I mail it to you?

Sorry but no. We do not accept physical submissions as we are not a zine review platform. If you would like your zine to be reviewed or featured, there are other platforms for that. We don't gatekeep, so drop us a DM and we'll send you some Instalinks for you to check out! If however you have a zine that is right up our alley, we will do our best to share your zine with our friends and followers or purchase a copy as a sign of support. :)



Do you have a physical store?

No, we operate strictly online. You can purchase our zines on our webstore. We are however stocked at several independent bookstores. If you are in any of these areas, do pop by to support the stores! If you would like to stock our products, please contact us at



Farside Collective



Hands on Film


United Kingdom
New Bridge Books,  Newcastle

Good Press, Glasglow


United States

Mirrored Society, Los Angeles

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. We ship worldwide from Singapore! :)

How much is International shipping?

Our international shipping rates are according to zoning and the total weight of your purchased items. As rates are always changing, please contact us via email for details.

What's the latest shipping update with the current COVID situation?
With the current COVID19 situation, shipping takes longer and our shipments are more prone to disappearing ;(. All INTERNATIONAL ORDERS will therefore be compulsory to opt with registered shipping. During checkout, please opt for registered shipping. Orders without registered shipping will not be processed and will be refunded.  


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