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Keith Wong

Singapore based photographer Keith Wong started utilising photography as a medium of creative expressions back in 2014 during a 4-month backpacking trip across Asia.


Sophie Cheung

Citing inspiration from a variety of medium, Sophie Cheung’s passion for storytelling sparked a desire to build an entire cinematic world that is both enticing and arrestingly scintillating.


Jack Garland's night time photography

freezes spaces and time in America's Suburban.

Chicago based photographer Jack Garland takes on a creative digest on his nighttime photography of the American Suburbans.

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Kenneth Tong's sweet disposition is clearly

manifested in his photography.

Capturing everyday routines with a misty eye and an even dreamier disposition, Kenneth Tong’s photographs feels soft, warm and almost longing for a distant past.


Ruby Steele

Women On Sofa explores how women experiences themselves in both the domestic and public arena, whilst celebrating their diversity and power in unexpected ways.


Angela Ambrosini

New York Photographer Angela Ambrosini looks to light, structure and composition to capture her shots. But it is her nonchalant documentation of everyday street life in New York City that makes her photographs feels beyond alive.

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Shane Dinet is a music producer, musician and a photographer. He first realised his love for photography

when his camera would be accompanying him

everywhere as he searches for new subjects to photograph.

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Karin Kallas:

Finding inspiration from mother nature.

Karin Kallas used to live in the medieval city of the Old Town, Estonia where she was constantly surrounded by buildings and walls. We had a chat with her on her newfound love for nature and her journey into photography so far.

Bolivian born photographer latest project, "94200" is an exploration of both social identity and dissonance. 


Give His Devil His Due,

Louis Leeson

Louis Leeson's photography zine, 'Give The Devil His Due - Volume 1' is a long term photography series documenting Gambia’s transition into a democratic government.

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5651Km Around The Iberian Peninsula, 
Giovanni Ricco

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Baby, It's A Heatwave,

Julien Sage

Baby, It's A Heatwave is a dual nature look into Julien Sage's

idea of freedom and melancholia in the Angelino summer.

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Mandy Wu's works are nostalgic and poetic

just like the photographer herself.

Morgan Davis Foehl photography is an artistic

reaction to light and colour.

Parisian photographer, Adrian Skenderovic

has a knack for documenting and archiving

everyday life.

Inside photographer and visual artiste Mandy Wu's 

world of poetic creation and artistic processes.

Adrian Skenderovic shares with us stories and his 

thought process on his latest projects. Oh, and the best pastries in Paris! 

Hollywood screenwriter, Morgan Davis Foehl chats with us

on his photography works and the relationship between

screenwriting and photography.


In Conversation: Molly Steele photography

is a catalog of experiences lived.

We had a chat with photographer Molly Steele whose 

photography is as effervescent as her curiosity towards life.


Evening Hours, an accidental photo project that defined the style of Pittsburgh based photographer, Roman Spataro.


Dylan T Collard shares the journey of his lifetime - driving 3000 miles across California photographing 165 strangers.


A creative digest with fine art photographer,

Jason Koxvold on his project, Knives.


A conversation with photographer Chiara Zonca on using photography to cope with anxiety and her relationship with isolated places.