Class of 2020 - a zine that

is more than just a zine

In the early months of the year when the world was riddled with anxiety and uncertainty, Jasmine Wong took upon herself to set up a charity initiative that would soon involve over a 100 youths from all over the world.

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For Singaporean photographer, Emir Haziq - the night provides him solace and space for him to take a step back and look at his shots. 


In this documentary, we follow Emir Haziq as he takes us into the quiet and neon-filled lights of the Singapore streets, away from the hustle and bustle of the city daylights. 


Sumatran born photographer, Zulkifli or more endearingly known as Zhu became a photographer totally by accident. His interest with the visual documentation Brough about by photography provided him to see the world from a bird’s eye perspective.

With a strong ideology to present and question narratives, Fraglich's publications often bordering on social, historical and political issues takes the audience into the first hand experience of the author.

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Venturing into the bright eyed world of early adulthood, one can feel that adolescent and nostalgia seems to be a recurring theme in Alec Ilstrup's works.