Your Local Newsstand

Portraits of People

We are all fascinated by strangers and their little stories.

In this series of photographing strangers, Your Local Newsstand headed down to the streets to ask strangers a single question. 

Portraits of People will be released in a trio of zines available for purchase. Each issue will feature a question which will surround a central theme: DREAMS, TRAVEL and SADNESS.

Through this project, we hope to capture the language and intimacy of portrait photography.

A photography project that spanned an entire year to document, The Dream Issue is a photo zine that captures the dreams and hopes of people as they answer one question, "What is your dream in life?" This zine is carefully curated from the age of a 10 year old to that of a 60 year old in an attempt to understand how one's dream changes as one ages.

Our discovery?
We humans don't stop dreaming.

To view photographs from our digital releases, VISIT OUR GALLERY HERE.

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